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Kevin McMahon - Close-up Table Magician Scotland

Kevin is one of Scotland's most entertaining closeup magicians. He has been a full-time, professional performer for over six years and has amazed people at some of Scotland's most prestidgeous events. Kevin performs strong visual magic that fulfils the magicain's most important role - to amaze.

Kevin is also the founder and artistic director of Scotland's premier magic event The Edinburgh International Magic Festival. The event annually attracts over 2500 people and features performers from all over the world.

Kevin is a member of the world famous "The Magic Circle" and also a member of The Edinburgh Magic Circle. He specialises in performing at parties and weddings. If you need a kids party entertainer, unfortunatley Kevin isn't your man. However he can recommend a number of excellent ones in your area.

Why Hire a Professional Magician?

Most people will only hire a magician once or twice in their entire life. Because of this it's important you make the right choice and get a performer who will deliver amazing magic. A professional magician will have the ability to expertly gauge the tone of most events with many 1000s hours of performing experience. An amateur or semi-pro magician will cost less money however the quality of performance will also differ. They may deliver a good performance, or may not.

Kevin specialises in performing at weddings and party events. He isn't a children's entertainer, but that doesn't mean if there are a few kids at your party he won't be able to keep them happy! Typically adult performers, like Kevin, will engage much more sleight or hand and psychological subtlties (like mind reading) in their performance; techniques that aren't appreciated by younger children. It is recommended that if you are having a children's party that you hire a professional kids entertainer. Likewise, if you are having an adult orientated party it is best to hire a specialist, sleight- of-hand artist like Kevin.

Where does Kevin Perform?

Kevin is based in the Scotland's central belt (just outside Edinburgh). If it's less than three hours drive away then typically Kevin will be able to perform there. So this includes pretty much the whole of Scotland and North of England, Newcastle, Liverpool, Northumbria and the Borders. Kevin has worked all over the world from Holywood's Magic Castle to 5 Star resorts in Dubai. Even if your area is not listed he may be able to make an exception or certainly recommend someone in the area.

How much will it cost?

Essentially all jobs are priced individually. Factors including time of year, experience, amount of performance time, popularity of the magician. For example a performer that appears regularly on TV will generally cost more than one that doesn't. The best thing to do is tell Kevin as many details abour your event as possible on the contact page. Kevin will almost always get back to you in less than 24 hours and often in less than 4 hours. Despite displaying unworldly powers Kevin can still only work at one venue per evening. Fridays and Saturday often get booked months and sometimes years in advance.


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